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THE MASTER MIND is a creative and detail oriented individual. He appreciates his professional tools, but also sometimes misses room for inspiration and some geeky stuff. As he tends to notarially forget to water his plants, it may be a better idea to give him a cool small cactus. THE DESKIT / THE MASTER MIND perfectly serves his need to concentrate and sometimes hide away from the mess around him.


Product Details:

1. Tool Board:

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

2. Personal Accessories Board:

  • Hook for hanging headphones, earphones or placing glasses
  • xxx
  • xxx


  • Size per Board: Width: 37 cm x Height: 37.7 cm
  • Total width of 3 Boards in a row: 111 cm
  • Total width of 3 Boards in a row including Display shelf: 121 cm
  • Depth of legs and Add-ons: 12,5 cm
  • Thickness of Boards: 6 mm


  • Panels & Add-ons: Acrylic glass with soft finishing
  • Ribbons: 

Colour options:

  • Antarctic white > Made from 100% quality satinized acrylic glass finishing
  • Water blue > with real PLEXIGLAS®